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The Balance of Tension & Relaxation

The journey through life isn’t strictly about embodying the extremes - living in constant tension or being overly relaxed. It’s about finding that desirable middle ground, the sweet spot where you are at your creative and energetic best, without losing your tranquility.

The Creative Tension

Experiencing moments of high tension can spark creativity and nadirs of discovery; it pushes you outside your comfort zone, prompting you to take risks. Yet, it’s like being on a boat in stormy weather - exciting, but unnerving at the same time.

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Quest for Relaxation

In these heightened moments, we often yearn for relaxation. It’s like that clear, calm sky after a storm- peaceful and grounding. However, an excess of this state can turn our skies overly tranquil, snuffing out the stimulus necessary for proactive actions and resulting in feelings of overall stagnation.

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Finding the Sweet Spot

To lead an excited, fulfilling life, it’s crucial to continuously oscillate around the sweet spot - a place between tension and relaxation. It’s about maintaining just the right amount of tension to spur action and creativity while allowing enough relaxation to keep you grounded.

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Sometimes your float a little higher, closer to the tension; other times, you drift towards relaxation. This oscillation allows you to retain your energy, stay proactive, and live an invigorating life. It serves as a reminder that life isn’t about the extreme ends; it’s about cherishing the journey and striking the right balance.

So, the balancing act between tension and relaxation as the Chinese proverb suggests - “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are,” isn’t about finding an extreme but more about finding your own personal sweet spot.

As you navigate through your life, getting momentarily tossed in the stormy seas of tension or the vast calm of relaxation, remember that your ultimate destination is your middle ground. Keep swirling around it to harness energy, be creative, and live an exciting, yet grounded life.

Last updated on 1 Sep 2023
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